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PR Services

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PR Services

Impressive PR attracts global audiences and creates unique opportunities: it gets you noticed and remembered by the right people, for the right reasons. This is what our PR services, strategies and campaigns do for our clients.

OUR PR SPECIALITIES Drawing from 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry, our PR agency specialises in PR for musicians, celebrities, events and brands. Our PR services are tailored to suit your audience and your industry.

MUSIC PR With more than 20 years in the music industry, we have the knowledge, the networks and the global reach to build your profile as an artist or DJ.

CELEBRITY PR We're experts at personal brand building. Our PR account managers know how to generate publicity and brand partnerships that create the opportunities you are looking for.

CONSUMER PR From consumer products to brand experiences, we know what resonates with customers on a personal level when it comes to making buying decisions.

MUSIC EVENTS Having organized and marketed our own music events around the world, we understand current trends and have an invaluable network of connections.

MEDIA WE WORK WITH We have fantastic relationships with the media outlets that matter. This translates into excellent coverage for every client we work with.

TRADITIONAL PR SERVICES At One Africa Global Management our PR services combine traditional methods with creative digital campaigns. As a globally connected PR agency, we can secure extensive coverage in print media and arrange TV appearances, sponsorships, and speaking opportunities.

PRESS COVERAGE We secure national and regional coverage by targeting appropriate publications and radio stations with fresh and relevant features, quotes, press releases and comment pieces.

TV APPEARANCES We liaise with TV bookers, researchers and producers to identify suitable opportunities for TV appearances. We arrange the relevant meetings and oversee the negotiation and engagement.


Commitment to delivery

When you think excellence, think Bullion. We are driven by a commitment to deliver the highest value every time and in every sector we dominate. The Bullion brand is one that represents extreme quality. From our staff to the services we render, we want you to have the best.


Our Resilient Journey

It has taken courage to get to where we are. With unending resolve and determination, we plan to be here for a very long time. We are built to be tough because our journey has been one of resilience.