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  • Can you book me an artist who isn't on your live music register?

    Yes, we programme events that include many artists who appear on our competitors' rosters. We always make our programming suggestions based on your requirements and not on who is easy to contact and secure.

  • Do you only include African artists on your registry?

    We will be happy to consider adding you to our roster no matter where you are based. We currently manage bookings for DJs and live music artists from many different countries.

    We started as a sporting booking agency in the late 2000s, but rapidly evolved into a music agent for Africa, UK and the US, and then into a global music management agency. Today, we are booking agents for rappers, DJs, bands and vocalists. Our artists represent more than 40 types of music, and everything in between.

    On our registry we have internationally known artists and DJs, some of whom have been established for years. Alongside them we have up-and-coming artists who are being spoken about on underground music scenes, or who are just breaking into the mainstream. We like to keep our rosters diverse and we regularly sign and promote new artists.

    We also have a talent roster of sports, media and entertainment personalities who are available to hire for personal appearances, media engagements, PR and endorsement campaigns.

    We are most definitely not just artists agents for Africa, UK and US. If you are looking for a new international booking agent, contact us.

  • How will I know what my PR campaign has achieved?

    We monitor the media closely and will update you regularly on any confirmed coverage. You will receive a detailed PR report every two weeks of the campaign.

    These reports will include information on the media outlets we approached and the feedback they gave us. At the end of your campaign you will receive a clippings document with evidence of all the coverage the PR campaign achieved.

  • Is social media included in your PR services?

    At One Africa Global Management have a social media division. When planning and implementing a PR strategy or a one-off campaign we can merge traditional PR approaches with social media if required, combining them to extend our reach.

  • How do you charge for your PR services?

    We charge a fixed fee for our PR services that we agree up front. This is calculated based on your objectives and the number of deliverables included in the campaign.

    Because all our work is tailored to what you want to achieve, we can design a PR package to fit your budget. Payment is made up front, at the start of each month of the campaign.