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Investment Advisory

We are a team of professionals deliverying excellence

Brand Partnership

We connect brands and talent to new audiences by identifying opportunities and finding creative ways to engage them.

WHAT WE DO FOR BRANDS We combine creative, strategic, commercial and legal skills with knowledge of popular culture, technology and entertainment marketing to grow your brand in unexpected ways. Our work increases sales, loyalty and brand equity.

Celebrity branding partnerships Work with music artists and celebrity talent to amplify your own brand values and extend your reach.

Celebrity collaborations Associate memorable designs, music or content with your brand by working with a talented artist or personality.

Brand ambassadors Get the endorsement of celebrities or social media influencers who can add to your brand story.

Influencer activations Design campaigns that get the right people talking about your brand to audiences that matter to you.

WHAT WE DO FOR TALENT We develop long-term personal branding strategies and the tactics to realise and protect them. Our aim is always to increase the value of your personal brand, finding associations and partnerships that generate commercial opportunities and bring you closer to achieving your career goals.

Brand expansion Identify and realize opportunities to expand your brand by exploiting your brand equity in other areas.

Brand strategy Strengthen and protect your brand identity, increase your reach and introduce your brand to new markets.

Brand extension Develop ideas for new products and services to extend the offering of your existing brand.

Global licensing Find and negotiate licensing opportunities for the use of your brand's products or intellectual property.


Commitment to delivery

When you think excellence, think Bullion. We are driven by a commitment to deliver the highest value every time and in every sector we dominate. The Bullion brand is one that represents extreme quality. From our staff to the services we render, we want you to have the best.


Our Resilient Journey

It has taken courage to get to where we are. With unending resolve and determination, we plan to be here for a very long time. We are built to be tough because our journey has been one of resilience.